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Summary of session about IAS by Ambrish kumar

Short introduction of Mr.Ambrish Kumar :-

He is a BTech, IITB 1992-96 Computer Science & Engineering and later worked in many different fields.
1. Worked as a software engineer from 1997-2001 in Silicon Valley with Tandem Computers and as System Administrator with Ensim Corporation.
2. Worked as System Administrator with KReSIT and Computer Centre at IITB from 2001 to 2003.
3. Joined IAS in 2004 and have worked in the following positions since

1) Sub-divisional Magistrate, Kota
2) Secretary, Urban Improvement Trust & Municipal Commissioner, Ajmer
3) Collector & District Magistrate, Jaisalmer
4) Deputy Secretary, FInance (Expenditure)
5) Deputy Secretary, Revenue cum Settlement Commissioner
6) Collector & District Magistrate, Jhunjhunu
7) Collector & District Magistrate, Sriganganagar

4. Volunteered with Isha Foundation in 2009-10 and set up Isha Life – a wellness centre with a gym,. spa, boutique and health-food restaurant in Chennai while on-leave from the IAS.

On personal front:

Was secretary of Wildlife Club in IITB and organized nature camps all over India. Actively participated in Group for Rural Activities and trekked around extensively in the western ghats. Took one year off from work in year 1999 and travelled all over India visiting people involved in alternative models of development, environmentalists, artists etc.

His View of IAS as a career:

It is nothing but a core management job, where alot of people work under you. People question why doctors and engineers opt for such. They is a good enough explanation because this job requires basic knowledge in various fields, it needs logic and common sense to solve and face the challenges provided by the career. So these graduates fit in the job quite well.

Among other Civil Services, though all of them give you power and authority to bring in change, IAS offers you to work in many many different parts of adminstration.

He quoted following incentives offered:

Basic Salary : 39,000 per month
  • 1 house ( 3 bedroom -Bungalow)
  • vehicle + fuel + Driver
  • telephone / Mobile Bill
So being IAS you will get a nice luxurious life. You will get the power, authority and opportunity to change something. Added to it the reputation that you bag with your wonderful work. :)

What IITians can do by becoming IAS?

Ans. There are various problems in society which needs technical solutions . being from technical background we can solve those problems efficiently ,logically and strategically.
Few examples that he quoted and tried to work on.....

1 ) There sodium lamps (Yellow ones) were used for street lightning . they consumes high power . He (Ambarish kumar ji) planned to replace them with CFL which consumes 50% less power and the money which is saved in using less electricity was sufficient to replace all sodium lamps. So city doesn't have to pay extra and got new lights which consumes less power and give more light too. So here we can do such work or we can start a company (yes I am talking about start up ) which can do such job and help government.

2 ) Solid waste management is still a challenge today . earlier a area was allocated to a sweeper and gets paid according to area he coves . In reality you will never see that area clean so he changed sweeper's payment criteria - sweeper will get payment according to waste he will collect. He will be paid according to per Kg waste he collects .Ambarish ji also contracted with some private companies which provides sweepers.

So here we can (being IAS )can change system and make it more efficient or Start our own company which does solid Waste management effectively and that company will surely get good payment and ample of contracts from Government if company does good job.

3 ) Water leakage is really a problem today . We can give Technical solution to that .

* This job (IAS) needs Integrity and a passion to keep adapting to newer situations and able to face challenges.

What about pressure from MPs and MLAs ?

Ans : Be cleared that they are your Bosses and they are elected by people and they represent them (by whatever means - you liked it or not ) but Maximum of 5% of your energy will be wasted in dealing with them , rest 95 % is left with you do do your work and they don't come in your way .
*Don't worry about Gossip* IT IS FALSE !!!!

Regarding Entrance exam of IAS :
*we can write IAS exam in local languages too

Total marks covered Marks you can score

Essays 200 80 - 120

GS – Mains 600 250 - 300

Option 1 600 300,try hard - you will get 350 - 400

option 2 600 300, try hard - you will get 350 - 400

Interview 200 100 , 150 – 180 possible
1600 1250 + they you are selected :)

Questions are asked to test what you know, so please be careful to answer what they ask.
Regarding Interview : Tell what they want and don't give too much Information. They want to understand you as a person and how you would react to various situatiosn. Tell what you think , you can ask for hint also if you don't have any idea about question .
Take a book which has past 10 years question paper and try to solve them.

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  1. Sir, is the basic pay and mentioned facilities same for an IPS Officer too?

    I am also guessing that the above mentioned salary is the starting salary and it will increase as we get senior in the service over time. Please correct me if i am wrong.