Wednesday, 23 April 2014

GRA Summer Camp 2014 (3rd-5th May)

Group for Rural Activities (GRA) is pleased to announce GRA SUMMER CAMP 2014, which is going to be held at Bhatke Vimukt Vikas Parishad, Yamgarwadi, Tehsil- Tasgaon, Solapur, Maharashtra during 3rd to 5th of May.

This area has been a residence for Nomadic tribes. The Nomadic tribes have been an integral part of the Indian society yet a neglected one. Their problems are not only food, clothing and shelter but also the treatment meted out to them by the mainstream Indian society.The traditional source of their income like forest produce, singing, acrobatics, dramatic performances etc. becoming more and more difficult to cater therefore now the only solution is to educate them, help find new vocations or teach them to adapt traditional skills to the needs of modern times. Bhatake Vimukta Vikas Pratishtan(BVVP) has been tackling all these issues since last 22 years.

For more about Nomadic Tribes:

Bhatake Vimukta Vikas Pratishtan has established Residential schools at 6 locations and 18 tent schools in 32 different communities/tribes across Maharashtra imparting education, imbibing good values,giving healthy and stable life to more than 1000 children.They have also started educational and cultural activity centres in the place of nomadic settlements which moves accordingly with the shift of tribes.

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This camp will be a unique opportunity for us to understand another facet of our diverse society, their problems and possible solution model. We'll have detailed interactions with local people and try to learn about BVVP's
working model, factors responsible for their success and their future planning.

If you want to attend you can fill this form :

You can also contact any of the following person for more information

Pankaj Mandal  7738486583
Vishal Insan  8879346174
Vishvendra Poonia  8097426535
Tulika Gupta  7738985916

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